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Smart grid plan

Japan all universal smart grid plan in 2030, and one to promote overseas building Smart grids. In the field of battery, Japan business goal is to strive to achieve a 50% share of the global market, an estimated market of 10 trillion yen. Japan economy, trade and industry has set up a "concerning the international standardization of next-generation energy systems research group", established in Japan and the United States have been in Okinawa and Hawaii for smart grid projects of common experiments.

CEC was informed that, in 2020, China will be built to the North, East and central China's UHV synchronous power grid Center, Northeast Northwest 750,000 volts of ultra high voltage power grid, grid to a send port, linking the major coal-electricity base, water base, major nuclear power bases and major renewable energy base, strong smart grid grid coordinate development at all levels. North, East and central China's UHV synchronous power grid to form "five longitudinal six horizontal" main grid.

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