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Split Core Current Transformers

The application of split type current transformer based on the electrorheological ratio, accurate and rated load, the series of current transformers can be divided into the following several types, specific parameters can be found in the the corresponding parameter tables of various sizes.

Can be customized according to customers' requirements of different specifications and parameters of current transformer.


Split type current transformer is suitable for the current of 10 kv ac power system electrical equipment measurement, signal sampling and microcomputer protection.

The current transformer has small volume, light weight, easy to install, etc, which can be opened, and it is widely used in compact fully insulated ring net switch cabinets, and very suitable for and RTU, FTU of remote terminal equipment such as sampling units, provide data support for the whole system.

When installation card on the outlet and inlet line of the connected cable directly, convenient and quick.

Has been in the SafeRing/Plus, Uniswitch, RM6 / SM6, spatially-integrated SVS, GA/GE, FB, SS, etc are widely used in compact fully insulated ring net switch cabinets, also used in the combined substation and cable distribution box

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