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State power continued optimization of wind power sector development

In 2014, the State power system, deeply develop new energy "double lift" work, optimize the distribution of resources, achieving the sound development, approved by the annual capacity of 956,900 kilowatts, production capacities 402,900 kilowatts. As of December 31, the company's wind power capacity of 3.4022 million kilowatts.

Top design to promote "double lift". In the group deployed thermal power "double lift", after the advance planning of the company's new energy, "double lift" work in advance and audited organizations and the grassroots energy at two levels of "double lift" work programme, held a "double lift" introduction meeting and seminar for the 2014 "double lift" lay a good foundation. The company established new energy system management mode, combed all year round perfect management system and 26 73 control flow, eliminating management silos to achieve seamless, effective integration of resources, new energy management presents the good situation of the professional, cooperative and efficient.

Optimizing development layout. According to the guodian guodian power development strategy, State power actively analyzing the country's new energy industry, market demand, new energy development ideas more clearly, 2014 approved wind power projects are situated in absorptive ability and economically developed areas, while actively seeking opportunities in offshore wind turbine, 300,000-kilowatt offshore wind energy projects approved for the year.

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